The question of how the Instagram algorithm actually works is of concern to anyone who is interested in promoting their account. The feed is formed individually for each user, and it is the algorithm that decides if your content is seen or if it gets lost at the bottom of the feed. There are a lot of myths and gossip around the algorithm. For example, many people believe that the number of likes a post gets affects how many times it is recommended. However, Instagram has refuted this information. In this article, let’s talk about how Instagram’s algorithms will work in 2022. Only verified information, confirmed by the social network’s management, without speculation and conjecture.

What affects the ranking of entries in the feed

Each user’s feed is unique and is shaped by their interests, interactions with content, and goals to gain Instagram followers. This has led to a drop in reach. Often, people close to each other don’t see each other’s posts in the feed. On the other hand, algorithms try to show everyone those posts that might interest them. Your actions form the feed of posts and the “interesting” tab. Start liking and commenting only on content that really interests you, and you’ll be more likely to see similar posts on Instagram. Lifehack: to make sure the algorithm doesn’t hide content from your feed from users you’re interested in, set a notification. To do this, open the profile of interest, click on the “bell” icon in the upper right corner, and select the type of content that Instagram will send you to push notifications about.

Instagram hides content 

This point is especially relevant for those learning Instagram’s algorithms for great reach. The official @creators account has posted several times about the reduced reach of content explicitly recycled from other apps. Instagram supports quality and original content, which helps get massive likes on Instagram. Algorithms try not to recommend content with watermarks and logos of other apps. Adding photos/videos from another platform, like TikTok, will cause losing reach. If you publish the same thing on different platforms, keep the source or crop the logos.

Direct correspondence matters

Few people take into account such an important metric for the algorithm as correspondence in Direct. But it matters, too, when it comes to ranking your feed. Here’s what you can do today to increase your reach in your account: don’t ignore messages; write to subscribers who haven’t been active in a while; ask for extended replies to posts; ask questions back to develop a dialogue. More communication means better reach and engagement on your profile. Communicating with your audience is not only important for the algorithm but also for building a cohesive community, a key trend of Instagram 2022. Events around the world have left many people isolated. People lack communication and are looking for accounts where they can not only listen but also be heard. Keep a dialogue with your audience, and your content won’t go unnoticed.

New subscribers 

Ever notice that as soon as you subscribe to someone, they start to flicker in the feed very often? Instagram really tries to show users their new subscriptions more often. And therein lies one of the reasons for the dropping reach. Those who have subscribed to you for a very long time are less likely to see you, especially if they’ve been actively subscribing to other users since then.

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