It must come as no surprise that many celebrities buy fake followers to increase the following base. This helps improve their fame and glamour, which indirectly allows them to work on bigger and better projects. Ethically the deed is considered highly ungenuine and illegal. Yet, there are no laws or regulations that control or monitor such activities. These things have gradually become a great source of business, as well. Many people give the service of buying and selling many followers to people who would like to buy their way into fame.

What people must do is shift and try SimplyGram service. This and other similar applications provide you with a method of knowing how people can organically increase the followers. The process of working on getting organic followers is long and takes a creative mindset. This is because people would only follow a page or a person if they provide a demand. This could be humour or something inspiring. Yet, these methods are a lot less limelight as they require actual work.

Why is there no regulation on such followers?

This is because there is almost no proof to objectify an account as being fake. Usually, these accounts are open and made by people whose aim is to use them in order to sell as a follower. This can also be done by using bots. Programmers develop bots that can automatically identify a potential client and then follow these celebrity accounts almost instantly. Although the lack of activity and usage can be one-way, authorities can look into this situation. There have been zero efforts made into creating legal policies on such sort of activities for now.

Which celebrities have been accused of the fake following?

Many celebrities have been talked over globally for having an immense following, most of which are fake following and have been bought to showcase their pages and account for being popular artificially. Most popularly, Kim Kardashian was found to have brought many of her followers in 2015. Other celebrities who have been known to buy their followers include Miley Cyrus, Justin Biber, Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone and Ellen DeGeneres. These people have been talking over the internet for having many instances where their followers showed a significant group of inactive accounts. This is one of the most credible and vivid methods to see if someone has fake followers or not.

What’s Next?

While the situation remains the same, in 2019, Twitter announced a new policy to remove users who were potential bots. Following Twitter’s path, Instagram was found to have drawn millions of fake accounts, which were likely bots to improve their social media platform’s avid users’ use and overall experience. But there still has been little progress from Instagram’s end to officially put out a statement to end this sort of activity on their platform. And while there may be many reasons for their delay, it is highly unethical as it takes attention away from deserved influencers and gives it to people who have merely paid for it.

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