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Marketing Specialist Advisory Group

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Convenor: Dominique Mecoy, Perth Zoo

The Marketing Specialist Advisory group is aimed at creating a co-operative approach to marketing and business opportunities across ARAZPA institutions.

It provides:

  • Opportunities for networking and discussion of opportunities

  • Opportunities to share of marketing information

  • A forum to co-ordinate joint partnerships or promotions

  • An active body to promote ARAZPA as an association

  • A forum to determine benchmarking standards for marketing, sponsorship and business activities across ARAZPA institutions

  • Provide policy advice to the ARAZPA Board as requested.

The Marketing SAG meets approximately twice a year in different locations across Australia and allows for exchange of information; workshopping of ARAZPA issues and investigation of business opportunities.

The most recent workshop was held May 2005 at Melbourne Zoo. Marketeers, business staff, sponsorship and public relations staff working in ARAZPA member institutions attended to discuss opportunities for service improvements and potential collaboration.

Detailed meeting outcomes can be viewed on the Marketing Group web page in the Resource Centre. [Members only]


Membership Eligibility: Membership to the Marketing Specialist Advisory Group is open to Full Individual ARAZPA members and people working in zoos and aquariums.


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