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Human Resources Specialist Advisory Group

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Convenor: Lovonne Hunter, Zoos Victoria

The HR SAG has been established to provide an opportunity for HR practitioners working in ARAZPA organisations to develop a professional network promoting communication and collaboration thereby enhancing the HR performance within our organisations.

HR professionals strive to provide appropriate support, and advice to Managers to enable them to recognise and maximise the skills, abilities, and potential of their team members.

We are all aware of the need to recognise when there is a need for change and then cope appropriately with it. So, we need to have programmes and processes in place to ensure our organisations are able to equip our staff with the skills, knowledge and competencies required to take our organisations to the next generation.

The HR SAG will begin developing support material for the ARAZPA HR Policy and key areas identified as priorities include the umbrella of

  • Recruitment and Selection -  consistency in selection processes and procedures, (including the need for appropriate pre-employment health screening and ongoing health checking)

  • Retention Ė once we have staff on board what do we do to keep them, making the best use of their skills and recognising potential for development. How do we do this?

  •  Leadership Development Ė need to recognise what leadership is, how it works, how to identify potential and what to do about it.

During the 2004 ARAZPA conference there were many references to how crucial leadership is, particularly in the context of conservation, and major projects.

When we talk about leadership development within ARAZPA organisations, we need to recognise leadership is not just about being the most skilled at what you do. Itís much more. Itís about inspiring others to achieve, establishing direction and aligning others with that direction. Itís about coaching, sharing knowledge and role modelling. What good are awesome technical skills if you canít pass them on.

Of course focus within our organisations has been on planning and managing animal collections in ways to improve sustainability and contribute to species conservation. But what about the people that make our organisations viable? Ė thatís what the HR SAG will focus on.

Membership Eligibility: Membership to the Human Resources Specialist Advisory Group is open to Full Individual ARAZPA members and people working in ARAZPA zoos and aquariums.


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