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Convenor: Benn Bryant, Western Plains Zoo

The ARAZPA Veterinary Specialist Group was established for the promotion of communication and collaboration between veterinarians employed by ARAZPA member institutions. By this means the group aims to enhance the ability of ARAZPA institution vets to remain informed of and respond to zoological veterinary issues and to provide a collective voice for consultation with ARAZPA and other organisations when the need arises.

The group is convened as an electronic discussion group which is open to all veterinarians working for ARAZPA member institutions and has been up and running since mid 2001. Topics discussed to date include:

  • Frog chytridiomycosis,
  • Herpes B virus in macaques, 
  • Australian bat lyssavirus, 
  • Cryptococcosis in koalas, and 
  • The availability of an effective and safe distemper vaccine for exotic canids. 

The group has been involved in consultation with the Commonwealth Department of Agriculture, Forrestry and Fisheries-Australia (AFFA) over the potential for tracing exotic mammals with transmissable spongiform encephalopathies through the zoo system and also hopes to provide a representative from amongst its members for the committee of the mooted Australian Wildlife Health Network. A priority for the group in the forthcoming months will be to establish a mechanism for the recruitment of veterinary advisors to ARAZPA taxon advisory groups (TAGs).

Membership Eligibility: Membership to the Veterinary Specialist Advisory Group is open to Veterinarians and vet staff working at ARAZPA institutions and Veterinarians and vet staff who are full individual members of ARAZPA.
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