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ARAZPA and Education - An Overview
Convenor: Yvette Finlay, Melbourne Zoo

As stated in the World Zoo Conservation Strategy, "...the future of humankind greatly depends on extensive and effective environmental and conservation education. The zoos of the world have a unique role to play in the global efforts to educate people."

The ARAZPA Education Specialist Advisory Group was established to provide a network to promote communication and collaboration between Educators and to improve the professionalism and contribution of education in zoos, parks and aquaria.

The group communicates electronically and meet twice a year for a two-day workshop at a host ARAZPA organisation. The workshops provide the opportunity to meet and share the exemplary educational experiences that are being delivered in our organisations, venture on behind-the-scenes tours and continue developing our group networking skills while undertaking the usual food and drink festival!

We have developed the ARAZPA Education Policy to provide a coordinated approach to education in ARAZPA organisations. It offers leadership in the formulation of principles, guidelines and minimum standards for education for the many different sectors involved in zoos, parks and aquaria. The document will evolve to meet the changing needs of educational practice and philosophy in zoos, parks, and aquaria. The ARAZPA Education Policy Support Materials is a comprehensive understanding of what education experiences are being offered in our region. The materials showcase examples of onsite, offsite and online education in the fields of student programs, community programs, interpretation and professional development. 

As ARAZPA Educators we continually strive to provide exemplary learning opportunities that connect people with nature. These experiences enable the community to better understand and contribute to a future where humans live in balance with the natural world.

Educators at the Education SAG Workshop in Adelaide 2005.

More photos from education workshops [Members Only]

Membership Eligibility:  Membership to the ARAZPA Specialist Advisory Group is open to educators working at ARAZPA institutions and educators who are Full Individual members of ARAZPA



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 Regional Education Policy

This policy produced by the education group is a formulation of principles, guidelines and minimum standards for education for the many different sectors involved in zoos, parks and aquaria.

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Education Programs

Take a look at some examples of zoo and aquarium education programs  being run throughout the Australasian region.

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Animal Fact Sheets

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