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Regional Census and Plan

Regional Census and Plan 2005
This key publication of the ASMP details the animal collections of ARAZPA member institutions, along with plans for their further development.  It also includes the sum of all Taxon Advisory Group recommendations for collection planning.

Price: A$50

World Zoo and Aquarium Conservation Strategy
The World Zoo and Aquarium Conservation Strategy: Building a Future for Wildlife

The World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) produced the first World Zoo Conservation Strategy in 1993. This 2005 update builds on the previous document in aiming to bring zoos and aquariums further into the mainstream of biodiversity conservation and sustainable development.

The document embodies the efforts of an enormous number of zoo professionals from throughout the WAZA constituency, which gives this update a genuinely international flavour. Traditional areas of zoo activity such as education, science and small population management, are refreshed in this volume and some new subject areas are tackled, reflecting developments in conservation thinking and the evolution of zoos over the past decade. In particular, themes like partnerships, politics, ethics and sustainability are brought to the fore. 

Price: A$12.50



Koala Browse Plantation Guide (2004)
This document is the result of an international effort involving more than 25 plantation managers.  The Koala Browse Plantation Guide provides information on planning, establishing and maintaining a koala browse plantation.  It includes sections on pests and diseases, site selection, plantation design, and greenhouse plantations just to name a few.  The Guide also includes a series of case studies and images.

Price: A$30.00

ASMP Principles & Procedures (2002)
A working document of the Australasian Species Management Program.   It includes a general information about the ASMP as well as detailed sections about the operations Taxon Advisory Groups and Species Programs.  A very useful manual for anyone involved in ASMP or anyone wanting to learn about how the ASMP works.

Price: A$30.00

Birth Date Determination in Australasian Marsupials (1998)
This manual provides an account of the early development of marsupials for use in estimating their actual date of birth.  Includes growth charts, referenced observations and list of references.

Price: $35.00

Managing Zoo Populations: Compiling & Analysing Studbook Data (1998)
Provides step-by-step instructions for maintaining a studbook, and  discusses using a studbook for population management. Includes keystroke  instructions for  using SPARKS program.

Price: A$35.00

A Guide to Zoo Representatives Involved with Species Recovery Programs (1999)
This is a working document.  It is intended as a resource for those representing individual zoos and the wider zoo community in wildlife agency recovery programs.  It provides important background, details of available support and technical advice.

Price: A$20.00

Workshop Reports

Recommendations for the Management of Great Apes in Australasia -  Report of the Great Ape Forum (1998)
A workshop with all zoos in Australia, and New Zealand listing Orangs, Chimp, Gorillas in their collection plan represented,  reached consensus on parameters to be used to guide the future management of Great Apes in Australasia.

Price: A$12.50

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