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Annual ARAZPA Awards

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Announcing the ARAZPA Awards

The ARAZPA awards are an annual event that celebrates excellence in the core areas of zoo and aquarium activity.  These prestigious awards recognise outstanding achievements of conservation, education, research, exhibit design, and professional excellence in Australasian zoos and aquariums. The winners will be announced at the ARAZPA Conference in Christchurch, 7-10 March 2004.

 Nominations are invited for the following awards:

 ARAZPA Exhibit Award - to recognise excellence in the area of animal display and exhibit design by an ARAZPA institution. Any animal display exhibit, or portion of an exhibit complex, opened to the public during the preceding year will be eligible.

 ARAZPA Education Award - to recognise outstanding achievement in educational program design in ARAZPA institutions. Education programs will be judged on their ability to promote awareness of conservation issues, show innovation, and measure success.

 ARAZPA in situ Conservation Award - to recognise exceptional effort by an ARAZPA institution toward habitat preservation, species restoration, and support of biodiversity in the wild.

 ARAZPA Research Award - to recognise outstanding achievement in scientific research in ARAZPA institutions. Research projects will be judged on their ability to add to knowledge relevant to species conservation efforts and show innovation.

 In addition, an occasional award, the ARAZPA Award for Professional Excellence may be awarded to an individual in recognition of long term, outstanding contributions to the zoo and aquarium profession and its science or technology.  This award will be bestowed by the Board and will only be awarded if warranted.

 Call for nominations
ARAZPA members and staff of ARAZPA member institutions are invited to submit nomination(s) for the ARAZPA Awards.  Only ARAZPA member programs, exhibits or persons are eligible for nomination and submissions will be judged by a panel appointed by the ARAZPA Board. 

Benefits offered by ARAZPA Awards
The ARAZPA Awards will provide the opportunity to:

  • Showcase your institutionís achievements

  • Attain regional recognition for your institutionís activities

  • Utilise the ARAZPA Award in your marketing strategy

  • Recognise the hard work and commitment of dedicated staff

  • Network with key industry figures and provide an example of excellence within the industry and to the wider community.

 How to submit a nomination
There is a nomination form for each award.  Forms can be downloaded from the ARAZPA web site below or requested from the ARAZPA office (  All nominations should be submitted electronically.

 Completed nomination forms and supporting materials should be emailed to the ARAZPA office:  Please ensure that photos included in the nomination are also emailed as separate attachments (jpegs or tiffs).

 If supporting material is unable to be emailed please include several copies and post to:

PO Box 20
Mosman NSW 2088

It is a requirement that each award nomination is endorsed by the ARAZPA institutional nominee (usually the CEO or director).  Please ask your institutional nominee to either email or fax the ARAZPA office expressing their support for the award nomination.

Fax: 61-2-9978 4761

 Important Dates

  • Nominations must be received in the ARAZPA office no later than 28 January 2004.

  • Award Presentations will be made at the ARAZPA Conference 7-10 March 2004 in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Nomination Forms for Download


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