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ARAZPA represents over 50 member zoos, aquariums and captive breeding centres throughout Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and the South Pacific.  Member institutions support the principles outlined in the World Zoo Conservation Strategy, and continue to develop zoos and aquariums as centres of excellence in conservation, education, and research. 

ARAZPA also offers membership opportunities for individuals.  Currently some 150 zoo and aquarium professional are full members, and a further 50 interested individuals subscribe to associate membership.

Below you will find more information regarding ARAZPA Membership.


ARAZPA Membership Categories - Institutions

ARAZPA offers four types of institutional membership. 
  •    Full

  •    Associate

  •    Corporate

  •    Subscribing

Read about the benefits, eligibility and membership contributions  to find a membership category that suits your organisation. [More Details]


ARAZPA Membership Categories - Individual

ARAZPA offers two types of individual membership.
  • Full
  • Associate

Discover the benefits individual membership. [More Details]


Code of Practice

The code of Practice is agreed to by full institutional members. [More Details]


Code of Ethics

Membership requires subscribe to the Code of Ethics. [More Details]


Who are ARAZPA members?

View a list of ARAZPA  institutional members. [More Details]


Apply to join ARAZPA

Become an individual member by completing the on-line application form. [More Details]


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