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Conservation Overview

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Conservation, along with Education and Research form some of driving forces behind the Zoo and Aquarium Industry.  ARAZPA's role in conservation is outlined below.

The Australasian Species Management Plan (ASMP)

The ASMP covers a major component of ARAZPA activities.  It provides the framework to assist member institutions to manage their animal collections cooperatively, in ways that promote their sustainability and value as a conservation resource.  The ASMP has developed over the past 10 years, and its credibility is recognised nationally and internationally as among the best in the world for responsible animal collection management.

Under the ASMP more than 100  programs for rare and threatened species are run, these include

  • 35 Conservation Programs: programs with direct links to in situ conservation in which the captive populations run as part of recovery programs

  • 22 programs currently releasing captive animals to the wild.

  • 47 Population Management Programs: programs for sustainable captive populations

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                The ARAZPA Wildlife Conservation Fund

The ARAZPA Wildlife Conservation Fund aims to provide a structure for in situ conservation fundraising through member institutions, public and cooperate donations.  To date the ARAZPA Wildlife Conservation Fund has provided funds to support in situ conservation projects for:

  • Sumatran tigers

  • Great Apes (Orangu-tan, Chimpanzee, Gorilla, Silvery Gibbon)

  • Asian Turtles

  • Owston's Palm Civets

  • Coxen's Fig Parrots

  • Tenkile

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South East Asian Conservation Specialist Advisory Group

This Advisory Group  aims to provide a central co-ordination and communication point for projects between Australasian zoos and organisations in South-East Asia.  Conservation projects being supported in South East Asian by ARAZPA member zoos, include Philippine Crocodile Recovery Plan, the Endangered Primate Rescue Centre, Silvery Gibbon Project, and protection for Asian Turtles.

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            Support for other conservation organisations

ARAZPA helps fund the IUCN Conservation Breeding Specialist Group, a group working with government bodies and NGOs in countries around the world to help set conservation priorities for threatened species in the wild.


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