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The ASMP mission statement is:

"To plan and manage animal collections cooperatively, in ways that promote sustainability and contribute to species conservation"

The Australasian Species Management Program (ASMP) is the species management arm of ARAZPA. Through a large network of voluntary position holders working in member zoos, the ASMP provides coordinated management and planning recommendations for species residing in ARAZPA's member institutions.

ASMP activities are monitored and directed by the ASMP Committee. Activities fall into two main areas: strategic regional collection planning, carried out by a series of Taxon Advisory Groups (TAGs), and individual species programs (Conservation Programs, Population Management Programs, Husbandry Programs), coordinated by staff working in ARAZPA member zoos and aquaria.  The ARAZPA Principles of Regional Collection Planning in Australasia can be viewed here.

Under the ASMP:

  • The voluntary work of close to 200 zoo and aquarium staff is coordinated across 47 institutions
  • 15 taxon advisory groups (TAGs) have been established to provide advice to curators and animal management staff of all ARAZPA members
  • More than 100 programs for rare and threatened species are run, these include:
    • 33 Conservation Programs: programs with direct links to  in situ conservation in which the captive populations run as part of recovery programs
    • 18 programs currently releasing captive animals to the wild
    • 56 Population Management Programs: programs for sustainable captive populations

To date, a substantial majority of the species programs are for native species.

Australasian species management

View Species Management Programs in the Australasian Region. 
  • Population Management Programs
  • Husbandry Programs
  • Conservation Programs

Collection Planning

View Australasian regional collection planning  as developed by taxon advisory groups (TAGs).
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